Guest Plant-Based Chef at Retreats and Events

Work with me to plan your next wellness focused retreat or event.

Some retreats and events include:

  • Surf and yoga.

  • Health and Wellness.

  • Athlete specific.

  • Corporate wellness.

Some of the services we provide which can be custom-tailord:

  • Planning and cooking delicious, healthy plant-based meals.

  • Teaching plant-based cooking demonstrations.

Plant-Based Cooking Workshops

Join me for themed plant-based cooking workshops. Travel is available.

Some sample workshops include:

  • Learn the basics of adding more plants to your cooking with creative, yet simple recipes.

  • Learn how to meal plan and shop.  

  • Learn how to cook for a household that eats different diets.

  • Plant-based entertaining.

Brand Collaborations

Some of the services I provide for brands include :

  • Guest Chef at brand sponsored events, workshops and retreats.

  • Recipe development collaborations.

  • Plant-based food creative consulting.

Pop-Up Events

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  • Plant-based pop-up dinners

  • Plant-based cooking events.

  • Plant-based reboots.


Upcoming Events & Workshops

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