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My intent for this space is to share approachable creativity with everyday meals.

I will also share gatherings to inspire families and friends to gather around the table and share meals, community and connection. My inspiration for this space came from me wanting to bring my own family back to the dinner table and to invite friends over for dinner more often. Most of us live very busy lives and even as a cooking professional, there have been many nights where I have lacked the energy or inspiration to cook a healthy meal for my family and I have had a lot of guilt around this and have talked to so many others that feel the same.

I also realized we were rarely making time to connect with friends outside of our day to day activities and it’s something we’ve really missed and wanted to change. 

I decided at the start of 2019 to focus on making the table the center of our home and it has been more of a challenge than I had imagined. Work schedules, school and sports activities, social commitments and just being exhausted have been the biggest obstacles to our family meals. 

Cynthia Groseclose Suppers by the Sea

I love the times we are able to sit together and share meals because we actually talk about our days, laugh and connect with each other.

It makes such a difference in the energy in our home when we make time for each other. And the same is true when we make time for our family and friends in this way. It just brings everyone so much joy.

I realized I needed to stop focusing on making everything perfect and start focusing on making it simple. And one of the best things I’ve learned through my experience as a stylist and as a caterer is that you can take the simplest of things and make them really beautiful and beautiful things make people feel happy and really appreciated. 

Suppers by the Sea will be about healthy everyday dinner ideas that will inspire people to want to cook more at home.

I’ll be sharing lots of creative inspiration with not only meals, but the table settings because thoughtful details can make such a difference in everyone’s experience, including your own.  I’ll share ideas to gather people in your home in a way that feels warm for your guests and effortless for you. And I will be sharing simple things made beautiful and creativity made easy and for any budget. 

Cynthia Groseclose Suppers by the Sea
Cynthia Groseclose Suppers by the Sea
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